About us

We are, Doria Alvarez Wedding and Events Planner a company managed by professionals and experts in the Organization, Advisory and Coordination of Events especially Weddings. We are passionate and fanatical weddings!, we work with the heart because we know that this is love, we live each of their weddings as if they were our own. We are looking for work and always achieving excellence and success in each of them, linking the new styles and trends, illusion, magic and dreams. So our weddings are special, are Fairytale and your Fairy Godmothers us!. Excellent and comprehensive Service Portfolio and Suppliers. constant support, professionalism and utmost responsibility.


Our team

Katherine Doria Mora
Directora Comercial
Sandra Doria Alvarez
Directora General
Jessica Fragoso Doria
Coordinadora de Protocolo y Etiqueta

¿Why choose us?

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    Excellen Team

    Our team consists of qualified professionals and enthusiasts who perform their tasks with talent, efficiency, reliability and dedication. We work to achieve customer satisfaction and optimization and improvement of the services we provide. We are always ready to assist you and listen to you, in order to understand and resolve your concerns.
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    Commitment to Customer Satisfation

    Our main goal is customer satisfaction; we exist by and for our customers and serve them in a personalized manner; with dedication and respect.
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    Honesty and Integrity

    Transparency and honesty guide our actions. We work consistently and ethics, always within the framework of legality.